2 years old Military/Eventing/Endurance mare

6 000 €

Advertentie 379592 geplaatst op 24 januari 2018 | Gewijzigd op 31 juli 2018 | Gelderland

2 years old  Military/Eventing/Endurance mare

Aanbod beschrijving

Born 21-4-2016 these super sweet beautiful dark brown Anglo-Arab mare without markings. This mare has as foal 1st premium earned. She is currently registered with the ZSAA in Germany. She has a super nice personality. Blanket, fly mask, farrier, trailer, dogs, children, or agricultural vehicles, it does not matter. Her size become about 1.67 M.

She will be a perfect military/eventing or endurance horse, due to her character, endurance and large. This mare comes directly from the breeder because of the termination of breeding.

The pictures are from last winter. I'm only 1.73 M  you can see here on the picture that she comes to the right size . The last two pictures her father and mother.

Her father is the military/eventing Stallion Fandsy from France, her mother is broodmare and recreation horse because of lack of time. But also she has a lot of jumping ability and endurance.


  • Prijs : 6 000  (Prijs onderhandelbaar)
  • Soort advertenties : Paard te koop
  • Naam van het paard : Chante of Angel x
  • Ras : Anglo-Arabier
  • Kleur : Bruin / Bai
  • Geslacht : Merrie
  • Aftekening : Sok(ken) : Nee Kol : Nee
  • Niveau van het paard : Volgt aan halstertouw
  • Papieren : Ja
    Registratienummer : 276413133027116
  • Geboorte datum : 2016
  • Schofthoogte : 167.0 
  • Categorie voor het paard :
    • - Sport paard
    • - Fokpaard
    • - Jong paard
  • Locatie :
  • Verwijzing : 379592

Stamboek van Chante of Angel x

Vader : Fandsy x Safir X  Iris Noir xx 
Splendide x 
Fantaisy x  Cafettot x 
Fortune Abrupte x 
Moeder : Angel of Angel x  Gil ox  Probat ox 
Gildia ox 
La Dolce Vita of Clan Mclaine x  Djalyan x 
Salam Alaikoum x 
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