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Aanbod beschrijving

Because of the end of breeding the second to last Anglo-Arab in the Netherlands who descends from the world famous thoroughbred Man O'War (picture 7,8 and 9). This mare is very unique, not only because of her pedigree but also because she has obtained a 1st premium as foal at the ZSAA in Germany. This mare is brown without markings and has 3 very good basic gaits, super sweet in handling, both for farrier and trailer loading. Her height will be 1.67M.

Chante of Angel born 21-04-2016 is a mare for the future with lots of potential to become a real sport mare. Her father is Fandsy X (picture 5) who is a very highly rated SGW stallion at the highest level in France. Her grandfather on the mother's side is the Polish Arab Elite Stallion Gil OX  (picture 6) who was approved by AVS and Poland and also participated in the 21 day test of the KWPN and was approved for breeding.

This mare is therefore very special in every respect. With which she can be an enrichment for you.

  • Prijs : 7 500  (Prijs onderhandelbaar)
  • Soort advertenties : Paard te koop
  • Naam van het paard : Chante of Angel x
  • Ras : Anglo-Arabier
  • Kleur : Bruin / Bai
  • Geslacht : Merrie
  • Niveau van het paard : Volgt aan halstertouw
  • Papieren : Ja
    Registratienummer : 276413133027116
  • Geboorte datum : 2016
  • Categorie voor het paard :
    • - Sport paard
    • - Fokpaard
    • - Jong paard
  • Locatie :
  • Verwijzing : 379592

Stamboek van Chante of Angel x

Vader : Fandsy x Safir X  Iris Noir xx 
Splendide x 
Fantaisy x  Cafettot x 
Fortune Abrupte x 
Moeder : Angel of Angel x  Gil ox  Probat ox 
Gildia ox 
La Dolce Vita of Clan Mclaine x  Djalyan x 
Salam Alaikoum x 
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Angel K.
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