Very sweet and potentional 3yo KWPN gelding

10 000 €

Advertentie 765429 geplaatst op 10 december 2022 | Utrecht

Very sweet and potentional 3yo KWPN gelding

Aanbod beschrijving

Very sweet and potentional 3,5 year old gelding KWPN.
He is very sweet and is good in lunging.
He needs a confident and cosequent equestrian who is not scared. Then he is very nice during the ride. 

He is very potentional for the higher dressage! He has a scar on his knee from when he was a foal, but according to multiple vets and the xrays it's only a beauty flaw and not an hindrance for the sport. he needs unlimited hay or has to go outside a lot, because when he gets bored he can start sucking air. He didnt do that with us anymore, because of the good feed policy. This is the reason he is advantageous priced!

good xrays

  • Prijs : 10 000 
  • Soort advertenties : Paard te koop
  • Naam van het paard : Only One King VS
  • Ras : KWPN Nederlands sportpaard
  • Kleur : Bruin
  • Geslacht : Ruin
  • Niveau van de ruiter : Gevorderde ruiters
  • Niveau van het paard : Basis
  • Papieren : Ja
  • Geboorte datum : 2019
  • Schofthoogte : 172.0 
  • Categorie voor het paard :
    • - Sport paard
  • Disciplines :
    • - Dressuur   (Beginner)
  • Locatie :
  • Verwijzing : 765429

Stamboek van Only One King VS

Vader : Kingston Blue Hors Glock’s Toto Jr   
Moeder : Diarona  Spielberg   


Noah B.
3541AR Utrecht - Nederland (Nederland)